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About Rally Cap Couriers

We started our company in the Summer of 2001. We're focused on giving customers in Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville the very fastest service to San Francisco. Whether a customer relies on us for all of their deliveries, or just the hot rushes to San Francisco, Rally Cap is here to help..

While you could say we are a "startup", we're a truly experienced team with countless years experience working in the local courier industry. Collectively we are expert at both systems and dispatch, but most importantly, the execution of immediate deliveries. More than anything else, we know how to provide quality solutions for our customers.

Communication is a key part of our success. Our customers always speak to one of our partners on the road, which leads to more accurate communication of the circumstances that affect deadlines. Our computerized billing is top-notch and we can customize a reporting and invoicing solution for anyone who needs it.

Rally Cap is not out to be the biggest courier service... far from it. We are interested in developing a customer base that appreciates quality service and quality people. That's what we offer. We serve customers in: West Berkeley, Downtown Berkeley, Emeryville, West Oakland, North Oakland, and Downtown Oakland. That's it. For this little corner of the world, we can provide an extremely high level of service. You can trust us to give you great service.

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